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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bernie on what's wrong with Gorsuch - in Bernie's words saying something along the lines of disapproving a patented clone of the Roberts-Alito bloc already doing havoc.

From the Senator's legislative homepage:

Sanders Opposes Gorsuch

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement Thursday on the nomination of U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Neil Gorsuch to be an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court:

"Americans deserve a Supreme Court justice who respects the rights of workers to be treated fairly instead of bowing to big business. We cannot stand by while the court dismantles the Voting Rights Act and lets cowards in statehouses erect roadblocks to voting. We must keep campaigns free of the corrupting influence of big money and not go further down the dangerous path that began with the disastrous Citizens United ruling. We cannot risk a court that would put in jeopardy the privacy rights of all Americans and a woman's right to control her body.

"I had looked forward to Judge Neil Gorsuch sharing his views on the Supreme Court’s critical role on some of the most important issues in America. Instead, he refused to answer legitimate questions and brought the confirmation process to a new low in a thick fog of evasion.

"After careful consideration of Judge Gorsuch’s record, I have concluded that I will not vote to confirm him to be an associate justice of the Supreme Court, and I will not support Republican efforts to change the rules to choke off debate and ram the nomination through the Senate."

I could not have said it better myself. Nor as tightly. Bernie cuts to the nub and does not "gentle out" his message.

Gorsuch would be more of the same; which is dreadful.

Well. That was a tight summation of Bernie's position, single sentence and all, but less loquacious.

Also on the Senator's personal homepage, not his Senate page, this link:

- this screen capture suggests that YOU signup, and explore the position Sen. Sanders articulates.

ALSO, this link for the 12 step "agenda:"

- and while there is detail beyond the listed dozen, here is that list:

Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastructure
Reversing Climate Change
Creating Worker Co-ops
Growing the Trade Union Movement
Raising the Minimum Wage
Pay Equity for Women Workers
Trade Policies that Benefit American Workers
Making College Affordable for All
Taking on Wall Street
Health Care as a Right for All
Protecting the Most Vulnerable Americans
Real Tax Reform

Please note - while overcoming the devestation of income inequality where those on top exploit all beneath them on the wealth and income pyramid is not expressly listed (it would be a baker's dozen were it), the penumbral impact of how the lobbyists, financiers and corporate oligarch have bought the current imbalance into play underpins the list Sanders presents. Smash the oligarchs, the plutocrats, the kleptocrats - whatever your favorite term, the dark sinister selfish mob needs to be straightened out. And it will not happen with you sitting in the evenings watching TV.

The signup page was given earlier. Go to it. Join.


Moving on, how about that wording, "refused to answer legitimate questions and brought the confirmation process to a new low in a thick fog of evasion." You do not have to imagine it either; here it is:

Yup. Thick. You can barely see who's running the fog machine. At the hearing's start things looked like this. Then he started testifying and the fog settled in to where you could cut it with a knife. To where you could barely make out the elite blue power suit and tie.

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