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Saturday, March 04, 2017

On March 4 the Minnesota DFL inner party will meet to select its leaders. Our Revolution has endorsed. Our Revolution cannot happen without the right people. [UPDATE: Post date set to March 4, because of ongoing relevance]

Not being an inner party person, being independent because the DFL is too middling, Republican-lite, (admittedly less bad in our state than what was represented by the 2016 Democratic Party national ticket), but still, ossification can set in and a different leadership can best chart new and successful directions.

Bernie and the crowds he energized, especially among young new entrants into the political process shows there is a better way - represent the people not the money. Have a platform that will resonate, and be honest to it and with it after a victory.

But this March 4 thing, it is not an open process. It is closed. This link shows [italics emphasis added]:

DFL Business Conference

March 4, 2017 all-day
Clare Verbeten, Party Affairs Director

Election of State Party Chair, Vice Chair, Outreach Officer, Secretary and Treasurer will be on the agenda. New officers will assume office at the adjournment of the Business Conference. The persons eligible to vote at the Business Conference will be the current members of the State Central Committee (with their alternates serving as alternates to the Business Conference). Except as otherwise limited by the constitution and bylaws, the Business Conference may consider any business which would be otherwise considered by the State Central Committee.

The State Central Committee. A/k/a The Inner Party. A process rigged that way from the start. Well, what is needed is a binding primary, no superdelegates, the only delegates going on to conventioning being bound by the primary result, either proportional or winner-take-all, with it being an open and not closed primary. Anything less will be the old way, which has been a failure. Look at who holds majority leadership of both houses of the legislature now. Can failure be better defined than that? Let us hope that winners March 4 understand that a process is needed without any superdelegate thumb on the scale, and if there must be superdelegates per national Democratic Party current rules, then bind them to curb gaming against the popular voters' decision making.

Incumbents have taken advantage of incumbency, to post their identity and this really horsed up hodge-podge undated thing.

What do we need to know?

Our Revolution
[site homepage:]
has endorsed a slate, and it is a slate that - in a more open process would win, but this way, inner party only, it might not.


For Chair: Donna Cassutt

That is an example of the linking from the ENDORSED SLATE and the other links are there to follow. Again:

Stop stultification in its tracks. Support the new blood/new ideas/new priorities. Ossification is for bones, not for legislative minority parties.


Art image for March 4; The Fremont Troll, under the Aurora bridge, Fremont neighborhood, Seattle:

Why a public area statuary art image on this post, and why make it a troll at a bridge? Go figure.

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