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Friday, December 02, 2016

72 commentators did not miss a Nov 30 op-ed at MinnPost, "Had it with the Democratic Party," but I did, and you might have. Here's the link.

Including comments, here. It speaks for itself, go there, and as an incentive for link following - knowing how it is and saying so - this opening screen capture:

And we've one in Minnesota's executive top spot; given Wilfare as it happened, how it happened. It's that old lesser evil stuff still marketed and likely so forever. Yes, lesser evil gaming has its Inner Party Dem popular status, which is unpopular with the populace who want quality.


Comments at MinnPost remain open, so read the short item, some of the commentary, and add your two-cents-worth if you choose.

And, for fair disclosure, I voted the Dayton lesser-evil, and the Obama lesser evil, even second term; but drew the limit at the gender/money biased Madeline Albright chum, the one having Lloyd Blankfein's direct Goldman private extension number on the rollodex [or is the term on the insecure Blackberry contact list].

Run a crook, learn from a blowhard besting her.

Or not.

Years ago Andy Aplikowski at the time he was taking handgun lessons posted a rhinoceros RINO target of his, on Residual Forces. I emailed him about it, and he emailed back a dinosaur image, captioned DINO. I consider that wiser as years have passed than I did then.

DINO is a term in need of flesh on the skelton, and the MinnPost item goes there.

At the time of pulling the trigger to publish this post the MinnPost comment thread was up to 79. I'd have made it 80 if the comments were not "registration-blocked" and I'd have posted there the final two paragraphs above. I now have a better understanding of how the term RINO registered strongly with discontented Republicans.


Folks, it's now DINO time, a time for sorting wheat from chaff. Big tent / big schment; the tent needs narrowing lest the RINO/DINO Venn diagram set overlap continues to devour any and all differences besides which cabal gets the spoils. America deserves better; the world does too. Progressives, you know the score so figure out how to change it, please.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Steve Timmer back in Cucking Stool days in a post near the end posted this image of the blind leading the blind, by Pieter Bruegel. At a guess he did not then foresee how fit a segue he'd created for his new blog,

further update - bad link fixed, and by Dec. 4, 9:00 pm, the Minn Post item had 92 comments, as the site's "most commented."

____________CLOSING UPDATE____________
Capping this post at the 92 level; and with NOT reading all of Minn Post's commentary; a favorite emerged; proving there are multiple ways to say give Keith Ellison a broom.

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