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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Zombie eyed granny starving yoke the young to debt New Deal undertaker. [UPDATED: fellow traveler(s)?]

Start with an image, and ask is that a "Rockefeller Republican" in the Democratic Party riding shotgun on the Ryan express:

While not saying it is, nor saying it is not, but rather urging readers to view a very brief Paul Ryan video segment from a few years ago, with a Young Turks envelope explaining a context; and to extrapolate that to reasonable expectations to hold over an upcoming Clinton presidency [likely not different from the earlier one] and to extrapolate from the perspective of no biting of the generic "hand" that's fed and steered the Clintons since that earlier White House stint.

There is this stated policy page at Wikipedia; but can you trust a word of it? And do note, policy against a fifteen buck minimum wage, against raising the social security tax cap. For a context for expectations, do a web search = "bill clinton" "third way".

In short, where readers might see things differently, the Clinton "third way" in my view was to preempt the Rockefeller Republican economic policy, call it "Democrat policy" and not "GOP lite, without abortion hatred" which is what the two Clinton terms, NAFTA and such, yielded.

If you've seen two terms; where the New Deal did not do well, are you prepared to expect there'd be no further death blows dealt the New Deal by Clinton or Trump? Would there be much difference? Between now and November it is feasible that trust could be built; but not without a release of six-figure speech transcripts to expose truth apart from what we are being told.

Another short Young Truks video, suggesting there might be a trust-building direction that would not require rocket science to comprehend and implement; should actions be wanted to speak louder than hollow words.

Preservation of New Deal policy deserves voter thought and hope. Beyond that, one closing thought, does anyone wonder why that Young Turks first video - the internal segment - did not gain any Rachel Maddow/MSNBC attention comparable to the Romney write-off of the bottom 47% on the totem pole? Might it be mainstream media editing what you "need to know?" If you'd seen the Ryan-Clinton hallway dialog previously, via a mainstream media source, you are a step ahead of me. I discovered it via alternate media, a reference at the tail end of this video, with follow-up web searching. Readers are urged to watch that item to catch the reference to Ryan-Clinton mischief.

NOTE: From web search, and readers can confirm, that short Clinton-Ryan hallway gig is posted via several YouTube uploads apart from the Young Turks featuring it, but the "envelope of context" their coverage provides only adds weight to the thing. So, why has it been kept from you when earlier you saw 47% Mitt coverage 24/7?

Propaganda is what it is. Manipulation of information is propaganda, i.e., choosing the news you need from that which might "mislead" is not a choice being made by lasting New Dealers like Bernie Sanders.

That is a certainty.

Wait for Rachel Maddow to run that Ryan-Clinton interchange, and you will wait a very long time.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
In fairness to semi-mainstream, back in 2011 when the hallway interchange happened, check out ABC blogging and TalkingPointsMemo from back then.

Note that Clinton and Ryan each was an invited speaker at the Pete Peterson Foundation; this SourceWatch link; this web search.

Kindred souls, the troika; Peterson, Ryan, the Clintons? You decide. From that search return list, see Clinton speech, here, linked to from here (a return list item).

FURTHER: Warren, and a mood somewhat differing from the Clinton-Peterson Foundation approach. Which, Clinton at Peterson's session or Warren on video, is truth to you and which is hemming and hawing about looking forward, looking back, but not looking at Wall Street?

Warren having a substantial and not merely ceremonial role is not as good as having Bernie as the post-convention party candidate would be, but she is kindred with Bernie.

Party loyalty showing in that Warren video clip? Yes. But: Best in class, if you limit the class to Warren and the Clintons. Warren, and the role she might have at the Democratic convention, and the role for which she might be slotted for should a Clinton candidacy succeed, are things that could be bridge-building steps, if handled well, at the convention. Meanwhile, Bernie continues to persevere.

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Well, I was wrong. Facts have a way of contradicting speculation, and when facts show up it is time to own up to error. Crooks And Liars, here, referencing Maddow unhappiness with the Ryan-Clinton tete-a-tete.

I was wrong. In ending, too easily forgotten might be the best summary, rather than concluding mainstream media was lax. Call it that; with this post updating aimed at undoing long term memory lapses. I simply at the time missed the extended coverage, that is clear, but I am thankful for the alternate media video clip giving me notice of something covered back in 2011 that went under my radar at that time.

FURTHER: DailyBeast reporting re that 2011 Peterson Foundation event. HuffPo, here.

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