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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SMOKE SCREEN? "But she carries on unscathed partly because few American elites want to talk about the US destruction of Libya and partly because her GOP adversaries continue to fixate on the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. The wayward probe allows her to depict herself, accurately, as the target of a partisan effort. A manufactured scandal clouds a real one."

The headline is a quote from here. With the Gowdy committee report out now, 800 pages, by one report; where in all that is there any explanation of what the CIA was doing in Benghazi at the time of the Sept. 11 Stevens slaying and earlier? Arming ISIS? Who can say? The mainstream press sees no questions there. Are they correct, or co-opted? Or fearful?

Does that 800 page expensively financed Gowdy report explain where in the world "Arab Spring" went without touching the Saudis? Does it explain the ins and outs of the McChrystal, Petreus, Broadwell situation landing; with Broadwell back with hubby and Dave and Stan handed their heads? Before the drone strike (accident) Michael Hastings did some interesting reporting and is on YouTube, but after the auto thing nobody else did much to follow up. Is Egypt better than before for the Egyptian in the street now, after Arab Spring, or is it same old stuff, redux?

Tinfoil hat? A generic websearch. After a bit of looking at that return list, links over in items, again - what were Stevens and the CIA up to and why has that question so far been suppressed? Another websearch.

Was Libya and its message to other Arab oil producing nation states discussed in the Clinton six-figure speeches? If only we could see those transcripts before being called on to cast an informed vote.

What's the harm in those transcripts being shared with the voting public?

Wow, do you suppose the Goldman Sachs speech transcripts would, on word search contain magic words? Words such as OIL, and SUPPLY/DEMAND and PRICES along with SAUDI OUTPUT? More likely, just musings about how the market making of some Wall Street firms is important to there being liquidity, about how cracker jack high speed trading with limit orders placed and withdrawn milliseconds later being good for the markets finding equilibrium; all that, right?

Where did the ARAB SUMMER go, precisely? North to beat the heat? After spring.

Of interest, was the CIA in that "annex" in early 2011 and earlier, during and after the so-called "Arab Spring" had led to regime change on both sides of Libya, i.e., in Tunisia and then Egypt, with the Muslim Brotherhood interim government in Egypt until the military re-took control? And if so were they, the CIA in "the annex" along with Stevens' State Department leadership, recruiting and arming mercenaries and/or jihadists and supplying satellite intelligence to such factions who were centered and operating the revolution out of Benghazi? Curiously, Wikipedia has a lengthy, "Libyan Civil War (2011)," entry where the letter sequence "cia" only appears as part of complete words and not as a reference to any player in that game. So - how long was that "annex" operational, and over the course of that period, what were the people there up to? Nobody seems to have asked Clinton or anybody else that question, in open session of the Gowdy inquiry, (and where the people are kept from knowledge of closed session discussions of mischief and inept planning and execution and blowback - ostensibly so, for the people's own good).

What role did oil play in the entire scenario? Rephrased, was anything besides oil really at play, was oil the only scenario? Oil priced in dollars, as a continuing international norm? Also absent from that nice Wikipedia item, "Stevens." No mention. Zippo. Solely a spectator, of no consequence during instigation and conduct of the ouster beyond watching and sending back email? Is that email thread in the public domain per FOIA and other disclosure law requirements, or has it been classified from the get go, and in its entirety?

We know the answer. Elect Hillary. That's all you need to know. If you needed to know more, we'd have told you, and wanting to know a cogent and complete story; that's a want, not a need; so please watch the doorknob when leaving . . .

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