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Friday, August 07, 2015

Well, there is online analysis of the FOX Republican "frontrunners with polls saying so" confab. Thank you, Mr. Krugman.

This link. It speaks for itself.

"In geometry, a decahedron is a polyhedron with ten faces. There are 32300 topologically distinct decahedra and none is regular, so this name is ambiguous." So Wikipedia explains, in opening the discussion.

Yup, at a guess decahedron is a good term for that particular FOX show, that night, and one hopes their ratings were high.

UPDATE: While having not watched it, but scanning online reporting, Trump was acknowledged as the lead personality in the drama, and yet it appears none of the nine cared to point out that the last time the GOP went with an entertainment personality eight years of total disaster ensued. Nine cowardly lions there, needing to find courage.

FURTHER UPDATE: Gary Gross did post, and the gist of his online viewpoint is that he finds current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump an unimpressive candidate. Check his post for detail.


Anonymous said...

What entertainment personality are you referring to? Jesse Ventura?

Anonymous said...

Jesse was governor for four years. He only had a single term.