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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our good friends, the Senate District 35 Republicans. And did you know hmiminnesota exists and florishes in our midst?

Okay, start with the career politicians' page capture? Or with the tee shirt? Either or, a dilemma.

Let's go first with the careerists page capture/hustle for your Christian cash (click the image to enlarge if the thumbnail does not give you the message):

Yup, if you did enlarge it, it says "Biblical Citizenship." Go ahead and enlarge it. It really says that.

Hustle $25 for your lady rep of choice, hey, pay fifty, help each. Don't be cheap like you are about taxes.

But can your money be better spent. Same folks, this screen capture:

(Do note, each has a footer, All Rights Reserved, but then this IS fair use.)

The second image shows the restraint of the newly elected treasurer, running for the SD35 seat itself, but not hustling Christian cash for himself, per the picnic event. Or was not included, by choice of others?

At any rate you include a phone number (612 203 7825) and that challenges curiosity, as in "who dat?"

Interestingly a websearch highlights that number here, and gives another clue, "" so wtf is "hmiminnesota" you may ask (as I did).

Briefly, it's Jesus Hockey, per this link, this image:

And have I seen that phone number before? Think so, not sure. Oh yeah, noted previously ... Republican reply number for our SD35 clambake friends cash hustling. And that Christian Hockey tie-in brings the dilemma into focus. Remember, the question of money better spent, especially if Christian Hockey is your mood and choice?

BOTTOM LINE: For roughly the same price you can go to and get the red tee shirt (note it has a clear back so you can have any bigoted listing printed on the back that you choose):

And you have choice (a nice word) because you can get a comparable black tee shirt from Amazon. For less.

Both items show He plays old school, without a mask, like Gump Worsley did, but only the Amazon one shows the protective halo - He does not need any mask with that in play.

So you want Christian Hockey - how can you take it without "JESUS SAVES?"

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