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Sunday, August 30, 2015

My wall is bigger than Trump's wall.

Walker's Walling-out-Canucks proposal, per Strib/AP, here.

Really. The butt is saying consider a wall at the Canadian border.

Given the neighborhood, what about a wall at Minnesota's Wisconsin border - to wall out stupidity?


The Great Wall of Walker?

Seventh Wonder of the World?

Welfare on an unparalleled scale - jobs, jobs, jobs for years, years, years?

Even move some of Tom Bakk's poor Iron Rangers to fat-city wall banging jobs, jobs, jobs?

More jobs than illegal immigrants to work them; kill two birds with one stone?

Rocky Mountain High? Cascades too? So tall a forest fire could not jump it?

Gee, does that Trump guy ever think small. His idea, a small change wall compared to Walker's Wonder.

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