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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

His bark is short of a bite. A teasing bark, without naming names.

Republican operative Harold Hamilton is on record "so far," but "not far enough":

Senate District 35: The race to replace Senator Branden Petersen has generated a great deal of activity, although much of it remains under the surface at this point.

A number of people are actively considering entering the race, taking informal steps to form a campaign and position themselves to run next year.

The Watchdog is aware of at least four serious candidates who are thinking of getting in the race.

Above the surface, GOP activist Andy Aplikowski has announced he is running.

Stay tuned, folks. This race is likely to be a real barn burner on the GOP side.

Already, controversies are brewing and the prospect of an almost sure election win for the Republican left standing will make for some sharp elbows.

And it's only July of 2015.

Opposition research files are already making the rounds.

The Senate District 35 Screening Committee will have its work cut out.

And that's a good thing. A vigorous endorsement contest will forge a strong winner who will be ready for the rigors of the general election and service in the Minnesota Senate.

This thing is far from over.

The SD35 GOP screening committee - does any reader know who they are; and would any member have to step aside because of a candidacy?

What litmus test would the screening committee use, and relative to that, what litmus test would the Andover businessman suggest? I bet if asked, he'd bark about some form of pledge he'd want all to take.

It would be interesting to see Wayne Buchholz run, and hopefully he'd get his orange signs, no discount.

Reader help would be great here. Is Scott Schulte's home in SD35, or in another district? The district includes part of Coon Rapids, but not all, so the question is relevant and material. Having heard good things about Schulte and getting a chance to briefly speak with him at a Whelan-Petersen town hall session, he may well be one of the more level heads on the County Board; meaning he might be a stronger candidate than others, if living in the district and willing to consider the SD35 Senate challenge.

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Wes Volkenant said...

Eric - not an easy search, but I determined that Scott Schulte lives on Tulip St. in Coon Rapids, just north of Coon Rapids Blvd, which puts him in SD 36, not 35, although his Commission seat covers a section of District 35.