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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

For all my Republican readers I emphatically suggest you consider Windows 10 and all the configuration and update flexibility it offers you. And do not compromise. Go top of the line.

Top of the line, MicroCenter offers it, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. A tablet computer designed for this millennium. From the store and out of the box, with Windows 10 installed and ready Updating no longer the effort you may have disliked in earlier versions of the Windows operating system.

This link.

Read about it. Read the specs. Enjoy Cortana, the XBox integration, the OneDrive integration, and how it presents you a user interface for all you might need to do.

If you are making due with Windows 7 on a mouse and keyboard desktop unit; move up to the new thing, the tablet that has everyone talking.

Or listening - to Cortana. Don't let the Dems get a step up on you. Make the upgrade. Today.

Perhaps wait a week or two. Rereading the MicroCenter overview and specs, they still offer the item with Win 8.1 Pro, so you would have to take a moment or two to exercise the free online upgrade option. While you might wish to wait for Windows 10 preinstalled, consider this - you do the online free upgrade, and if you have any hint of buyer's remorse, with this item you have a month to throttle back to Windows 8.1 Pro, compare it, and see what you like best about each. The free upgrade offer runs through July 29, 2016, so you have plenty of time to switch between versions to tailor your machine to what is best fit to your personality and preferences. That is something you might miss if waiting for the item with Windows 10 factory-preinstalled. There would be no check and change option; but either way you get the Pro version of Microsoft Windows, not the lesser equipped "Home" version.

__________FURTHER UPDATE___________
That would be one each, for both spouses, and then each child should be entitled to his/her own separate one, to not put any of the children behind the others, at school. It might cost a bit, but it is for training the next generation to learn to lead. Elitism should not be for everybody, and the unit pricing assures it will not. Enjoy your state-of-the-art touch tablet, and wonderful Windows 10.

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