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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Candidates seeking the presidency, what about Snowden?

Will any of the current mob of contenders have the courage to suggest a full pardon?

What Snowden did was in favor of the privacy hopes of each of us, and the "national security" drape surely has been abused in the past and will be in the future as the Snowden revelations pass into history and as new events capture current attention.

What is certain; one candidate plays the family song, "Don't Worry be Happy"; and suggests Washington DC and Silicon Valley should partner to better enable the NSA. Really. This link.

UPDATE: The Ars item links to The Intercept as source of original reporting. And who was Jeb talking to about the need for stronger government power to watch citizen activity? Again, The Intercept. Those "people," who are defense contracting corporations; i.e., not real people at all.

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