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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

RAMSEY: "Jeff Katers is a home-grown Anoka County resident who has been protecting the people of Ramsey for the past 14 years through the Ramsey Police Department. Ramsey Police Capt. Jeff Katers will be the Ramsey Police Chief after Jim Way retires Jan. 31, 2015. Katers, 44, was hired by the department in March 2000 as a patrol officer. Over the years, he has advanced through the ranks and held the titles of investigator, investigative sergeant, administrative sergeant, lieutenant and captain and will add police chief to that list after Ramsey Police Chief Jim Way retires Jan. 31, 2015."

The headline represents lead paragraphs of the ABC Newspapers report of Ramsey's council having selected its new police chief from among town law enforcement ranks. Eric Hagen's ABC report includes much detail after the opening.

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Anonymous said...

Dont you hate cops? What kind of a sory ass progressive are you anyway?