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Friday, October 03, 2014

More discounting of the seriousness of rape and insensitivity to that issue. Also, the search and seizure shoe is no problem, no pinch to it, until somebody puts it on your foot. Then ... whine, whine, whine.

This Strib AP feed carry. Surely law-and-order folks to a fault, until ...

Here is the truth: Nobody should be subjected to excessive searches and seizures. The founders knew that and the Fourth Amendement has a history for reasons. Yet now the penalties for unlawful, tainted searches and seizures are far too lenient, but in this instances a bench warrant was duly attained, and the preliminary appearance is that it likely was a justifiable judicial act. Whiners. And having office and home searches for documents and electronic evidence of wrongdoing with an absence of any hint of a violent contact or conflict between search warrant execution forces and the targeted individuals is a far distance from violent rape.

Any sane person can see that.

It is grossly insensitive and irresponsible to even hint or imply that an orderly execution of bench issued search warrants approaches an equivalence of any kind with the violent and traumatizing crime of rape in any way whatsoever. Put Eric O'Keefe in a cucking stool for a good dunking over that excess.

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