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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dan Burns at MPP writes of Tom Emmer. Also, brush aside the cobwebs from the man's past legislative chief authorship.

Burns, read it, here.

Bill listings, three legislative sessions attended by Emmer; here (2005-06), here (2007-08), and here (2009-10).

Marriage definition, voter ID, all the stuff he is silent about now. It's all there. Fingerprints match.

Same ol' Emmer.

Among other things, 84th Legislative Session, HF 1131, which specifies situations and special appellate review procedures for when the State might want to cut someone's balls off. Somebody put a lot of time and thought into crafting that legislative gem.

FURTHER UPDATE: 85th Legislative Session, HF 121 and HF 1847; defeated amendments - each put to voters, each rejected by voters. Subsequently. The fires were kept tended lest the flames might extinguish.

FURTHER UPDATE: A credentialed man about ALEC.

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