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Monday, October 27, 2014

Another email from Joe Perske. Asking the "Wouldn't you be proud" question.

This quote:
You support Joe because you know our district deserves a representative who reflects our values. Joe is approachable and honest. He believes in working together to reach a consensus, not resorting to bullying to get your way, as colleagues say his opponent, Tom Emmer, did when he served in the state legislature.

Isn't it time we had a 6th District representative who was as approachable as your favorite neighbor? Who listened to you and learned what was important in your life, instead of preaching to you about their Tea Party philosophy? Isn't it time for somebody whose greatest political ambition is to help you?

Please help our campaign to elect Joe Perske for Congress! Give generously, so that when Joe goes to Washington, you can be proud to say, "My representative? He's Joe Perske!"

I would be more proud to say, "My rep is Joe Perske," than having to say, "My rep is Michele Bachmann. Yes, a foot taller, 220 pounds heavier, male Diva voice, on rollerblades for the foreseeable future, answers to 'Tom,' but don't be fooled by any of that; it's just more Michele, more of the same, all of the time, all the same bluster, the same 'it's about me,' the identical aiming forever at 'best for my advancement' rather than 'best for the district.'"

Opinions may differ. Forecasting the future is always uncertain ...

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