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Monday, August 18, 2014

Rick Perry is a political bully, and an ass. I hope the indictments stick, because it's hard to indict somebody solely for being an ass. And he went beyond that.

Presumably it is a line-item veto abuse, see here and here. (per the UPDATE links it was a line item veto exercise by Perry, to coerce/induce a political officeholder change along party lines, and he said as much before the veto action).

Even if the indictment does not stick, rolling down a public integrity unit absent a power to put a crony in the driver's seat is very shabby, and reflective of who Perry is, a political bully. And an ass. In that order.

If the bullying of the county prosecutor in the Austin area also involved a side offer to the prosecutor, was it bribery? Erica Grieder writes, here and here. Yes, it was a grand jury - a citizen panel - that indicted. But with grand juries there is only one lawyer in the room, and that leads to frequent indictments in flimsy situations. It is not adversarial, hence it is not two sides of an argument presented to the citizen panel. Go figure.

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eric zaetsch said...

A comment, sent me via email:

"And I'll respond that Obama is turning America into a Banana republic with no respect for the rule of law. Between the harassment of the GOP using the IRS, "lost" E-mail and now selective prosecution of your political opponents.

"Worst President since the second World War including Nixon, Carter AND BUSH I & II all put together. And you can print that."

RESPONSE: Did print it. Next, saying it does not make it true.

Opinions vary. Next, what about before or during the Second World War?

Last, why did you exclude Johnson and Clinton? You must be one of those Great Society closet liberals, or excluding those two makes it look that way.

Expecting instead it was an error by omission, done in haste; readers - read in those two as if they'd been listed.