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Thursday, July 24, 2014

RAMSEY - Strib writes again of oil train traffic on the BNSF tracks, and the recent summer derailent incident in Ramsey.

This link. No excerpt. No commentary. Read the item.

Turning toward Elk River off Armstrong, along the track, at that intersection, creosoted rail ties. If the rail bed ties are suspect, halt the trains and fix it, pronto. If it is routine maintenance, and only THAT without lies or obfuscation - and without heightened hazard, somebody in government ought to find out and post a comment one way or the other to the Strib's item from today.

Strib reporting and then, new ties along the road. It is not encouraging of trust.

It would be reassuring for citizens to know, either way. Especially Ramsey's adventursome set of Flaherty dwellers, right there at the track. Ground zero, in a manner of speaking.

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