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Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Is Mike McFadden running to lose?" So asks a writer at MN Progressive Project.

This link. It is an interesting speculative piece of writing.

You have to read it for the full flavor, but one speculation, a prep-run to shoot for Governor next cycle that office is in play, on the ballot. Presuming Dayton follows the George Washington pattern in Minnesota, two terms and step aside, it would be an open contest. McFadden would then have name recognition. Much as Jeff Johnson getting hammered against Lori Swanson but now having a party endorsement and name recognition in the Governor primary election, GOP ballot side.

Or Emmer, losing the Guv race, but positioning to succeed Bachmann who is leaving to MichelePAC her life after DC. Emmer now with a party endorsement and name recognition. Not having to say much, which has been Emmer's problem. Just name recognition, district demographics, and being there.

It has been a script some besides McFadden have followed.

The basic thesis of the MN Progressive Project author is why else would McFadden be running an amateurish ineffective campaign, but to gain name recognition while losing.


from google maps - click to enlarge full size

Yes this Romney clone has the $1.3 million dollar home, waterfront, 3.5 acres and 8500 sq ft of home, (6 bedrooms, 5 baths). But Romney does not live under a power line. McFadden's home is under a big hummer, check it out by enlarging that image, and we all have heard the lore about what that does to the productivity of dairy cattle. Perhaps his dental work is picking up the field, and, who knows? While improbable, it IS compatible as an explanation for lackluster, questionable campaigning. An explanation that does not discount fire in the belly. Nor does it discount McFadden being sharp, educated, and not anyone's dummy.



(Yes, two alternate theories. Surprised?)

from Secretary of State's pollfinder service

Yes, that is CD2. Col. Kline is taking on age, and this election our Col. with the "football" just might get Obermullered into retirement. Yes, let us hope.

If not, mid term Kline retires with some prearrangement in place for McFadden to be named to serve out the term, or if Kline is reelected and such a deal cannot be arranged, he Bachmann-McArthur's out, "My last term, it is time ... old soldiers never die, they just fade away."

McFadden would then have name recognition to run for the GOP to hold (or reacquire) the seat (or hope to), all it would mean is taking the storage wrappings off McFadden and presenting him that way - that seat - and hoping demographics that served Kline well might again play a GOP tune.

DON'T LIKE THAT THEORY? Then form your own.

That headline at MPP reminds me, everybody has their grammatical or spelling foibles, some having trouble in general with the possessive case, past tense of "to lead," etc., while I might have in haste written, "Is Mike McFadden running to loose." Just a mistake I make as with the possessive form, its, confused with the contraction, it's.

But then McFadden if anything is running too tight. Not too loose. Tighter than a drumhead stretched to tearing, as I see it. But many, many, many - too many - TV ads are yet to come. Look for it, football pre-season, World Series time, politicians to the point of saturation advertising. Outspending Budweiser/Coors, and pick-up trucks.

___________FURTHER UPDATE__________
In that sense, the pick-up truck analogy, Emmer is the one I can see using, "Like a Rock."

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