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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

With a current focus on NSA excess; there is this: "An FBI job announcement for the DCAC that had an application deadline of May 2 provides additional details. It asks applicants to list their experience with "electronic surveillance standards" including PacketCable (used in cable modems); QChat (used in push-to-talk mobile phones); and T1.678 (VoIP communications). One required skill for the position, which pays up to $136,771 a year, is evaluating "electronic surveillance solutions" for "emerging" technologies. "We would expect that capabilities like CIPAV would be an example" of what the DCAC will create, says Steve Bock, president of Colorado-based Subsentio, referring to the FBI's remotely-installed spyware that it has used to identify extortionists, database-deleting hackers, child molesters, and hitmen."

Oh, yes, we only want to use it against bad guys. Chester Molester, beware, but Joe Citizen, don't worry, be happy.

The headline quote is from here.

NSA is not alone, nor unique. FISA and the FISA court deal with J. Edgar's progeny too.

The date of that bellweather warning: May 22, 2012

Be thankful for Snowden. Without him the sleeping beast of public outrage would not have awakened. That in part is why government lackeys have so much hate for him. He prodded awareness. To them, an unneeded complication to what they do.

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