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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RAMSEY - Jason Tossey opposes the consensus among other council members to impose a "franchise fee" tax upon us, vs generating road-upkeep revenue by levy rate, as would be the more conventional approach of raising public revenues to fund public expenditure.

Tossey sent an email to an undisclosed list of recipients defining his belief about the regressiveness of "franchise fee" taxation.

I agree with Tossey that the idea is a bad one.

However, in fairness to Tossey and others, I will simply recommend that readers wanting to review Tossey's belief send him an email requesting that he forward his item to them also. It would burden him somewhat, but as a declared candidate for office he should welcome being approached by concerned citizens simply wanting to know more about the "franchise fee" taxation issue. His city email address is:

Jason Tossey:

Just copy and paste that address into an email, and request that he reply by forwarding his email:

"The proof of a regressive 'franchise fee' tax"

Clearly, one opinion might not prove definitive, and other council members may be contacted to provide their analysis of the "franchise fee" taxation issue.

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