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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our nation's P3 dilemma.

Not public-private partnership. That exited main stage with Darren and Heidi, in Ramsey.

This is the newest P3. The Poor Persecuted Plutocracy.

Krugman sympathizes, sharing their crying towel in his puckish way.

The wealthy were called "Atlas" in the days before "job creators" was invented as a 21st Century phrase to be uniformly disliked and hissed at when hearing it from Republicans, self-sanctimonious Republicans in particular (and their watchdog running dogs); with hissing deserved because hearing the phrase is akin to misstepping in a pasture.

Yes, they took their football and went home in Ayn Rand's 17,000 page epic, Atlas Shrugged.

My favorite review of that epic, the suggestion it should have been named Atlas Yawned.

So, what brand of fool would name a child after Ayn Rand?

I suppose "Galt Paul" was considered, but ruled out by one of the parents.

If joining Taxpayer League is too doggish for your taste, there is this. Tailored for you, if you've that frame of mind and if you strive for membership in something close to heart.

Stranded in a limousine
And the Galt speech, you can read it here; and like the rest of that dreadful book, it too could have been shortened, "We Took Our Football, and Went Home." Same as it's ever been, their football to take where they want, (like Zygi).

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