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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Chemical weapons in Syria.

This link. Here. Angry Arab had those links, also this and this. John McCain is at a loss for what to say, since Syria has one more syllable than Iran. So, let him say "Thank God," and he then can exit, stage right. Sibel Edmonds, who, like me was not there to know for certain what may have happened, when. Does any reader have a link to supply to possible Colin Powell speeches about chemical weapons trailers in Syria?

MN Progressive Project, here.

__________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Woo woo. A Coalition of the Willing. Hat tip to J.O'C.

__________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Hostage taking? By them Rooskies? Ms. Power flexing her muscles?

Get real. How many times has the US blocked resolutions on Israel? In the days of neocon Bolton, before, and afterwards. But that is a horse of a different color?

Again, get real.

__________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Syria has become a hot petition-the-pres topic, here.

As usual there, on a topic with high consensus in a direction the Obama administration does not like or want to consider, somebody seeds the site with multiple petition versions, thereby diluting the appearance of a decisively strong consensus.

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