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Friday, September 27, 2013

A Seattle friend sent a news link to a sometimes you're the Liousville Slugger, sometimes the ball story. A story with a moral? You decide.

Keeping the baseball analogy going, a "Say it Ain't So, Joe" discovery by (hopefully) embarrassed Seattle pubic officials. And Joe, ending up not the Slugger. This link.

Switching mega-sports, the New Jersey courts have given our public officials a "Say it Ain't So, Zygi" moment. The difference - Seattle Joe draws jail time, Jersey Zygi nonetheless gets his stadium.

Justice in America is served.

ZW - Smile and purple tie, all the accoutrements of privilege. An ego that could fill the old dome, hardly leaving room for citizen-spectators. And the Wilfs will appeal, ya betcha. Their lawyer said many errors of law were made in the course of the trial and decision by that Jersey judge. Bless her.

Clearly as an email I received suggests, the Wilfs are fodder for parents saying stay in school and study hard to their children, so that you may as an adult use your knowledge and skills to prosper. Kind of. But would you be proud of Zygi's New Jersey judicial experiences, were you his parent?

Another difference, Joe and Zygi, Joe has not enhanced our language, while Zygi has yielded the new terms, "Wilfare" and now per Jersey litigation, "Wilfal fraud." Benefits flow.

In the Seattle Times report, this:

[Joe] Phan, who was unable to post his $750,000 bail, has been on work release since April 2012. Court records indicate he is a laborer with a Seattle company that vacuums and cleans out industrial and marine tanks and that he returns to detention each night.

Some may think it unfortunate that Zygi's court experience lacked any such penance, work release as "a laborer with a [... New Jersey] company that vacuums and cleans out industrial and marine tanks and that he returns to detention each night." Such a scenario might just shrink that boundless ego a tad, were it to have been. But you simply ask, "Build me a stadium, Mark," and lo, Mark delivers, that scenario bolsters or would bolster any ego; Zygi not being unique that way. He must be a poster of pride among NFL ownership. Making his money the old-fashioned way.

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