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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

RAMSEY and ANOKA COUNTY -- Joint powers agreement pending with regard to shared financing of the upgrading of the Armstrong - Highway 10 interchange.

Below are the two pages of a document scan sent me indicating the process has started in the direction the headline notes. I am unaware whether these pages have been on an agenda for either Ramsey or the county; where things stand that way; but I post the images for readers to review. Readers can contact officials as they may choose, for further detail. Click each thumbnail image to read it.

I suggest readers await ABC Newspaper reporting of detail, since they extensively cover Ramsey and county activities.

The pages are from a Work Session item 4/23/13, online here. With work sessions untelevised, any discussion would not be memorialized. However, the item largly speaks for itself. The passage of such a joint resolution, reciting it is not a contract but an agreement to reach a contract, will stand as an expression to third-party money sources of inter-governmental solidarity on fixing the interchange. It is but a part of a Highway 10 upgrade, but one with which the upgrade can be started. Need for the interchange improvement has always been justifiable beyond any hopes anyone may hold that a Town Center renaissance miracle will follow. It likely will not.

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