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Monday, April 22, 2013

Ramsey - This one leaves me puzzled. I have guesses, informed guesses I can make, but I expect there may be a reader out there more informed to help make sense of things.

Here is the screen capture - a notice from Blogger of a comment offered and queued up for blog author moderation (click it to enlarge and read):

This is a comment offered hours ago, for a post from October of last year????

That is, with the comment of Ryan Bakke responded to months later, so, why now?

Helpful reader comment, even speculative in nature, is welcome.

I have a guess, only a guess, and I will defer to anyone wanting to speculate, especially if going on record in the comments to this post, name given vs. anonymous.


Ryan Bakke said...

Now that I've gotten over the use of "pontificating" to describe my responding to a Zaetsh "backwater" blog post.....seriously it's almost like my father is writing me from the grave...he's the only person I could ever imagine describing anything I did as "pontificating"...I'll happily respond to the post.

The bottom line is that I've written plenty to many on council and even to Mr. Ulrich himself on top of my reading/responding to blog posts here, and to various articles posted in the Union. I've also had numerous conversations with the previous Mayor and McGlone as I questioned certain actions, and I've even heard from Backous and Tossey from time to time. That being said, some of my communications have also been spurned by these same folks since I'm rarely readily available to have a debate every time I might respond frustrated late at night after finding a moment to catch up on council and HRA happenings.

Even more to the bottom line is I care about what happens in this city and that's why I at least take the time to share my opinions here or over an email (knowing a full jump would include point/counterpoint type conversations). I even tried to go full on public at one point by attempting to join a board and commission but got so disgusted with the questions I was being asked that I just shut er down in the "interview" and said no chance I want anything to do with being appointed to a city role by folks who had an agenda that wanted someone to act as a pawn to push that very agenda (catch 22 for me and my growing opinion of local governing).

I don't even have an educated guess as to who anonymous might be or why they'd respond to something from many months ago. Someone more informed than I and someone who has the skill to make informed guesses must enlighten us from here...

eric zaetsch said...

Ryan - These days with the way Francis is handling himself and showing his apparent intentions for Roman Church leadership, with a bit less pomp and aggrandizement then under Ratzinger, "pontificating" is today less a pejorative word than some might intend it. Good seeing somebody commenting with name given. Giving one's name is not a requirement to pass comment moderation, the only criteria being that a comment be reasonably civilized and on point, something frequently missed in those offered comments that die on the cutting room floor. Comments truly are welcome, and "backwater" is not an unfair characterization. Having the readership of Strib would be nice but the Tarot deck says to not expect it.