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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Minnesota Progressive Project links.

From that site, four items, posted top-down in parallel to MPP:

full story, here

Here, for links and all
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More gleaning:
-- Bachmann and Tea Party Caucus story at Roll Call.

-- MPR reporting on Honour as first declared GOP candidate to oppose Dayton,

Honour's LinkedIn page says he's the chair of a gas transportation company in Minnesota. He also served as an investment banker for UBS Bank in Los Angeles.

[...] Honour is best known in Minnesota politics for hosting a high dollar, private fundraiser for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign in 2012.

Other Republicans who have said they're considering a run for governor include Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson, state Sen. Dave Thompson, state Rep. Kurt Zellers and state Sen. David Hann.

The temptation is strong to note the old saying, "Honour among thieves," but I really have no evidence to factually back up any such usage, and "Honour among idiots" lacks the ring of an old saying.

One has to wonder, however, with a LinkedIn page showing energy industry activity, how the man can disingenuously talk of North Dakota growth as if it were apart from the oil boom and only a matter of political policy. Barking up a false tree. Not good. And one of those Romney bashes, where "The 47%" get bashed, by the 1%. Ho hum, GOP.

From here.

Fact is, Ramsey is big enough and will change and evolve without Scott Honour's hand in our affairs. We do not need to "Grow our community," unless that's some campaign slogan the hucksters invented to mean something besides "our community" which here is Ramsey, not on Lake Minnetonka. Besides, growth is not a universal good, and Developers Are Crabgrass. So our community is fine, w/o Scott's LA-banker hands at play in it, and who needs a governor with ties to the energy industry and likely in lockstep with the KOCH brothers and ALEC? As in don't go away mad, Scott ...

More on Scott Honour, with that spelling hopefully unique and not mixing other folks into the websearch. First,

Meet the financiers hosting Mitt Romney's London fundraiser

Richard Partington
26 Jul 2012

A cabal of senior American financiers will tonight host a $25,000-a-plate fundraising dinner in London for presumptive US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
Source: Getty

Eric Varvel, the chief executive of Credit Suisse’ investment bank, and Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets American football team are among the big names involved in the event, which costs between $25,000 and $75,000 to attend.

The fundraiser will take place at an undisclosed central London location from 6:30pm.

The event is being hosted by three chairs and 15 co-chairs, many of whom are significant names in global financial markets.

Financial News has looked at US Federal Election Commission records, biographies on company websites and LikedIn profiles. FN has attempted to contact all of the individuals named as chairs or co-chairs of the fundraiser. All of the individuals either declined to comment or did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication.


• Karl Peterson, head of TPG Capital Europe

One of the top-line hosts of the event, Peterson donated $2,500 to Romney’s campaign in June last year, according to Federal Election Commission records. He had also been a financial backer of John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008.

• Dwight Poler, managing director, Bain Capital Europe

A senior figure in the European branch of the business co-founded by Romney, Poler is the second top-line host of the event. He has donated generously to Romney on a number of occasions in the past, according to FEC records, including Romney’s 2007 attempt to secure the Republican candidacy.

Poler is also a prominent Democrat Party backer, having donated to Steve Pagiluca, a managing director of Bain Capital who vied to become a Democrat Party candidate for the US Senate in 2009. He has also donated to Alan Khazei, who ran unsuccessfully to be a Democrat candidate for the US Senate in 2010 and 2012, and Democrat Senator Max Baucus, according to FEC records.

• William Thomas, unknown

A William Thomas of London donated $1,000 in October 2008 to Lindsey Graham for senate and $9,250 to the Republican Party of Wisconsin in January 2008. The details of his employer, usually required for donations, were not disclosed on FEC records.


[...] Jamie and Scott Honour, senior managing director, The Gores Group

A member of private equity firm Gores' investment committee, Scott Honour is responsible for originating and structuring transactions and overseeing portfolio company exits. Prior to joining Gores, he worked at UBS Warburg as a financial sponsor coverage banker between 2001 and 2002. He donated $2,300 to Romney in 2007 and $2,500 in 2011, according to FEC records. He has also donated extensively to other Republican causes, including George Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Jamie Honour is recorded at the same address in Pacific Palisades, California, by the FEC as an events planner for Grand Affair. She also donated $2,500 to Romney in 2011 and donated $1,500 to George Bush in 1999. She had also donated $1,000 to Democrat presidential candidate Al Gore in 1999.

Pacific Palisades, California? A corporate raider hob-nobbing with Bain folks?

Help for his friends. So when exactly did this Californian move to Minnesota? Apparently still in California in 2008, per following the money flow. Ditto, 2010. And the July 2012 dateline of the quoted item above, mentions the same California dwelling place. Has the man and wife had enough time to unpack their carpet bag? And why is the mainstream press not asking that, and instead allowing the California couple, recently moved - or not, editorial reach?

And what of this:

View profile for Scott M. Honour
Scott M. Honour is associated with Eagle Rock Partners, LLC with the role of Managing Member.
Scott M. Honour has 2 known relationships including Jamie A. Parsley-Honour and Thomas Villante and is located in Beverly Hills, CA.
Source: California Secretary of State last refreshed 3/13/2013

and this

View profile for Jamie A. Parsley-Honour
Jamie A. Parsley-Honour is associated with Eagle Rock Partners, LLC with the role of Managing Member.
Jamie A. Parsley-Honour has 2 known relationships including Thomas Villante and Scott M. Honour and is located in Beverly Hills, CA.
Source: California Secretary of State last refreshed 3/13/2013

So Scott and wife Jamie, co-managing partners of some investment game, in California, yet on his campaign website Honour posts this Leave It To Beaver/Father Knows Best spiel:

click image to enlarge and read

And all that website stuff, "OUR Minnesota" and all? Again it could be two different Scott-Jamie couples, last name Honour, but what are the odds?

And Eagle Rock, is this part of the game? Rock my eagle, Scottie. Tell me: What's up? Wanting a limited offering exemption to SEC registration requirements, via requiring sophisticated investors, into a limited partnership? Some hedge fund or such?

Readers having more knowledge of facts beyond what the web states are asked to leave helpful comments.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Politics in Minnesota reporting, here, seems consistent with web findings stated above. Interesting single comment at PIM, "Just what we need.. Carpetbagger"

Col. Kline moved here, as did the New Hampshire guy that Rick Nolan replaced in CD8. I remember from living in Seattle, the saying, "Don't Californicate Washington." But that was a West Coast sense of rivalry. I wonder how this gentleman will interact with the Liberty Wing of the GOP. So far, he shows little to analogize with Ron Paul.

More like a Tim Pawlenty, with money.

And a campaign website with a bunch of video - hey, Scott, I can read.

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