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Thursday, April 18, 2013

RAMSEY: A new dawn cometh.

Read all about it.

I had a chance to look at the pdf documents linked to via the above agenda item.

In no particular order, a few screen captures:

from the other consultant (not Tinklenberg)

This link.


Finally, two items, captured as images suggesting a further goal -- avoid unneeded redundancy

Worth mention, note the dates on the last two items, visions and revisions. Is a 90% rating the thing, or a 70% rating, and does that bullet item have any content beyond vapor unless "approval rating" is spacified, including, how such a thing is measured and by whom? Of course all that will be clarified at the Work Session.

____________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Wholly unrelated, L.A.Times reports "Pope says no bonuses this time for Vatican employees,"

The Roman Catholic Church is tightening its belt. Vatican employees will not get bonuses that are traditionally handed out upon the election of a new pope, a spokesman told reporters Thursday.

The last time a pope was replaced, Vatican employees were reportedly granted 1,500 euros each (close to $2,000 at the current rate of exchange), including payments upon the death of one pope and at the selection of a new one. This time, “it didn't seem possible or appropriate to burden the Vatican's budget with a considerable, unforeseen extra expense,” Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told the Associated Press.

The decision was handed down by the newly elected Pope Francis, whose habits of cooking his own meals and taking the bus earned him a reputation for simplicity as archbishop of Buenos Aires. After his election last month, the pope again made news by picking up his luggage and settling his own bill at the Rome residence where he had been staying, a small act underscoring his rejection of excess.

“How I would like a poor church for the poor,” Francis told journalists after he was chosen.

Wholly unrelated. After a new election ...

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