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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Anoka County - Jury Duty -- I doubt I will make a single panel, but I have been Summoned, I have submitted my Affidavit as required, and I shall attend as my civic duty.

If I were litigating any case, with me [my persona] as a potential juror, I would either find cause to disqualify, or burn a preemptory challenge. But in no event would I allow such a persona, if spotted, to sit on a panel.

Hence, on any day I would have to attend and sit and wait in the jury pool room, I will bring something to read.

What is interesting, the computerized juror management system Minnesota uses is software sold by a California firm; screen capture below from this homepage:

I dislike greatly on the page the image of that human anus, Alexander Haig, an unquestionably evil man a bare cut below Henry Kissinger, (not because of insubstantial Haigian evil but because of Kissinger's evil being so immense and consequential), and above "I am not a crook" Nixon [who was a crook], and that only because Nixon had the good grace to have died. I bet many in Chile might agree; ditto, Argentina; ditto Brazil; ditto NATO.

I was called before for jury duty while living in Seattle - never making an empaneled jury, but there I was in the juror pool, and they had us wait in a big room - and they might have called it the jury pool room. It always struck me, they should put a few pool tables in the pool room, since it can get very boring and the click and clatter background sounds, or shooting a round, might prove relaxing.

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