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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Some disgruntled Sanders supporters suggest voting for Trump, i.e., any insurgency since theirs failed. Others suggest voting outside of the two party duopoly in states that are Dem safe, a protest with grave qualifications. Others want viable alternatives and see this election as a chance to raise a voice.

Image from Politico, a few weeks ago, about alternatives

The headline aims to hit all the current disgruntled views. The Politico item fits the headline, in discussing alternative parties.

If it was about Bernie packing in crowds, his enduring personal charisma and not his message, don't read further. If "the Bern" was about the massive crowds and individual contributor funding raising a voice, the mood of the people beyond Bernie; then knowing the alternatives is important. And among those of that nature in the Sanders crowds; they need to be informed, by webmail, social media, or word-of-mouth, that a true alternative saying what Bernie said is still there, in the running - the non-Trump, the non-Clinton; the better way.

Jill Stein's greatest barrier is getting people to know she exists and who she is and what her background and beliefs are. Learning that, she is the best choice (while those who consider themselves conservatives might prefer the Johnson/Libertarian option over Trump and his overflowing baggage cart).

Getting out the message is the reason so much of recent Crabgrass posting and sidebar editing has been as it is. Stein, to be relevant, needs the individual contributor funding that underpinned "the Bern." Absent her having it, her chances against perpetual negative two party advertisement between now and election day will be minimized. If she can get the loot to buy a voice, the other two slinging it at each other will allow Stein the opportunity to show enough voters presently in the dark about her that there indeed remains the better way.

Once a choice is known to you to exist, beyond a protest measure but one for real, purposeful, possible growth to relevance in opposition to the two party stranglehold, (be it Stein/Green or Johnson/Libertarian as your preference); please do consider voting your conscience rather than voting, yet again as it seems forever,

Lesser Evil vs. Greater Evil.

That's it. Why the editorial focus here has been so directed that it seems redundant. It is needed. It may help. There is hope. For change. Not slogan hope/change, that was a failure and a joke. Yet the real thing can happen. Keep that in mind.

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