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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lobbying for fun and profit.

Here, here, here, here, here - (related see here and here); here (cumlative?), here (cumulative), and Brietbart with its bias, here, here and here. John Potesta runs the Clinton campaign. Uranium 1, "Investing in Our Energy," with the "Our" info in the fine print. Here, and it's those hostile Russians hacking DNC and such, because Trump is alleged to be their favorite (Robby Mook says so).

This item. Another.

Video, here and here. RT for the first; Nieuwsuur the second. RT is Russian, Nieuwsuur is Dutch.

What has Robby Mook to say of either? Or about this? A robbery attempt with nothing taken? A cell phone, not taken, in official hands, where unlike San Bernadino there has been no publicly raised question of encryption impeding official search of the phone for clues, nor reporting of whether that is happening or not.

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