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Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Here we go again. Confronted with the inevitable, the Clintons are being forced, inch by inch, to acknowledge that perhaps taking millions of dollars from foreign governments and mega-corporations wasn’t such a good idea while Hillary Clinton was also deep into her pursuit of the presidency. That has put Clinton in a spot becoming all too familiar for her — on the defensive, attempting to explain away behavior that highlights her vulnerabilities and plays right into her opponent’s strategy to paint her as the symbol of an entrenched establishment that has lost its way."

The headline is a merger of the two opening paragraphs of the Strib's Editorial Board's Op-Ed, "It's past time to shut down the Clinton Foundation - The appearance of conflict of interest is both troubling and inevitable." And then some. It is cause for voter rebellion against the offered two choices; or for considering Trump, despite the whacking the press is giving him, as the lesser evil. Trump is saying we as a nation are no longer great because of how we have allowed things to turn. Clinton is saying Trump is unqualified. Taking money left, right and center is a qualification? Since when?

If declining the lesser evil game, (and with Trump having some positions that are questionable but no access peddling political history), voters have cause to look at the Green Party and the Libertarian Party. If the two party gridlock gives us Trump-Clinton, then the two-party gridlock is flawed beyond any right to survive in control of our national destiny. It sucks. We need stronger minor paties, given the abandonment of the people by the Clinton Democrats. The Clinton presidency was largely indistinguishable from the Bush and Obama presidencies - which all to some degree were better than Reagan years. Reagan and Thatcher live on in their legacies, unfortunately.

We can do better.

Speaking of doing better: Mike Pence. MIKE PENCE!

Former talk show host; MIKE PENCE! Would you want the likes of Rod Grams; or Jason "Galt Coins" Lewis a heartbeat away from being chief executive of the entire U.S. of A? Fear for the nation were it to be so.

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