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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Forwarded: A Bernie-mail email. About Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He wants her to enjoy her private sector ongoing lifestyle.

The theme of defeating her reelection actually does not get into her post-defeat status, enjoyable or otherwise, but putting her private sector and out of Congress is a clear intent of the email. She always could run locally, or become a lobbyist. Clinton Foundation may have openings. Fixer in residence. Whatever. Here's the forwarded screenshot, hat tip to the attentive sometimes Crabgrass reader who forwarded it:

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Next, does not appear fit enough, nor having the wardrobe for dog catcher:

gettyimages, online here READ THE ITEM

The item with that image is titled "Wikileaks Reveals Mainstream Media’s Coziness With Clinton - The DNC should apologize for manipulating major news coverage, By Michael Sainato • 08/08/16 1:30pm." From headlining you can see the item is less about DWS than Clinton-media misbehavior; however, any reader favoring fair play and unbiased media coverage of election affairs should read the thing, and weep. It is how TV, expecting money raining down from Clinton PACs and other slush, to their coffers, in exchange for continuing business as usual including running election advertising. They know who butters their bread; and it's again, as usual, the 1% and hangers-on who deliver.

Back to the saga of DWS; good things happen to those who are deserving. Etc. Miami New Times reports:

Assange did get to at least claim one politician as a trophy: The document dump forced Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign her post as chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Now the leaks have also triggered a formal Federal Election Commission complaint, which could lead to sanctions against the embattled Florida congresswoman.

Tim Canova, the upstart law professor mounting a grassroots campaign to oust Wasserman Schultz from her seat in Florida's 23rd Congressional District, announced today via Twitter he had filed the complaint. He claims the email dump proves Wasserman Schultz illegally used DNC staffers to help with her reelection campaign.

"It is now clear our opponent, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, improperly and illegally abused her position at the Democratic National Committee to coordinate against our campaign," a post on Canova's website reads.

Neither Canova nor Wasserman Schultz's campaign immediately responded to calls from New Times.

Last month, New Times broke news that Canova's name turned up repeatedly in the DNC's email leak. WikiLeaks' email database showed that DNC staffers, who were not part of Wasserman Schultz's campaign team, routinely kept tabs on Canova's campaign, shared articles about him, and helped the congresswoman coordinate her fight against him.

In one instance, Wasserman Schultz personally asked campaign staff to remove Canova's name from the headline in an outgoing news release.

In another email chain, DNC spokesperson Luis Miranda asked staffers to "do some digging" for information about a May rally at which Canova planned to speak in Alaska. The rally had been scheduled to compete with one of Wassserman Schultz's speeches.

[...] Florida's Democratic primary is August 30.

[...] UPDATE 8/9: Ryan Banfill, a spokesperson for the Wasserman Schultz campaign, said the congresswoman had gotten a copy of the complaint late yesterday.

"There is no merit to this complaint, and once again, the Congresswoman's opponent is wasting her constituents' time with attacks based on stolen, cherry-picked information and continues to ignore the issues that actually matter to the people of the 23rd Congressional district," he said via email. "The Congresswoman's opponent may have little familiarity with Democrats in the district, but Debbie Wasserman Schultz has served the community for over two decades and knows full well that voters are focused on the facts - not made-up smears and distractions. It's time he got serious."

[links in original; bolding added] Her staff flakmeister loves her, and can surely spot a baseless smear when confronted with a claim of abuse of a position of trust. Ya betcha.

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