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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Having been characterized as posting "stream of consciousness," I have company.

Down With Tyranny; here and here. Theme-wise company too.

Same site, more stream of consciousness, theme-wise differing from going with Jill Stein; here and here.

Paraphrasing the old "engineer" joke: Years ago I could not even spell conundrum; and now I face one.

Song for this election?


UPDATE: More song? And what is an election without a ballot proposition issue to believe in?

Aside from all else, absentee voting starts Sept. 23, and I intend to show up that day at Ramsey City Hall, get my vote for Jill Stein in, vote down ticket as noted on the side bar; Dems, the woman on the school board to also be on the county board, and then be done with it before the worse of the mud slinging intensifies. Might want to travel somewhere they've legalized it. Mountains and sunsets. Puget Sound. Lake Washington. Old growth tall trees where they still exist. Where the staged fifteen exists, and looks to work fine. Somebody has to set a trend. And that goes back to voting for Jill Stein, the greater good, not the lesser evil.

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