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Friday, March 11, 2016

Without links, reader websearch should be easy, reporting suggests this Friday, today, Ben Carson will endorse Donald Trump.

Taking the headline as given truth, the question for readers, is a Carson endorsement one carrying more weight than the Chris Christie one? (Don't bother re gravitas of the Palin business; it was bad theater, Trump looked embarrassed sharing the stage with the bozo; and she got dropped like a hot potato.)

Would an opinion one way or the other hinge on what Carson says and how extensive he says it?

Carson is the one GOP candidate whose coverage never seemed to question his sincerity. Other dimensions were questioned, not sincerity; so does that matter in weighing the endorsement?

Do endorsements matter at all? Should they?

Usually it is not as much a popularity contest as cutting a deal, or taking one for the team. Do thirteen of fourteen female Dem Senators endorsing Clinton's candidacy ring a bell with you; or is the fourteenth shifted into a clearer focus of importance by absence from group action? Does an image of the Clinton candidate in an upraised arm foursome including as the other three Klobuchar, Dayton and Franken ring your bell, one way or another? (One thing I noticed, Clinton's the shortest of the four. Another thing, of the four, Franken looked most Presidential to me, and seems so to me from general knowledge.)

Can an early endorsement in a way you might find excessive cut against a candidacy?

Can a late endorsement ring as too little, too late?

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