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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The gauntlet has been thrown. March 1 result: Minnesota Democrats decisively vote for rectitude and decency for citizens; and Minnesota's Democratic superdelegates starting with Klobuchar, Franken and Dayton must pay heed to the will of the people and not the will of the money machine. Unless they are as bought and owned and corrupted as the Clintons. Which they might be. Time will tell.

How it is - Minnesota's DFL - the people if not the machine - is not as dumb or into corrupt machine politics as the deep south, which appears to be a Democratic lost cause.

The message is clear. Remove this obscene blight. Immediately could not be too soon:

Rage against that machine.

We are sick and tired of being fucked.

Pure and simple.

We feel the BERN.

Politicians please do pay heed.

It would be reprehensible for the DFL if you do not.

There is ONLY one other thing to add:

__________FURTHER UPDATE____________
With the understanding that proportional delegate allocation on the Minnesota GOP side based on yesterday's results is binding but not so with the DFL implying that by the time the DFL has gone through the Senate District convention and State DFL convention Bernie may see his popular appeal - the appeal of his message - trodden under by Minnesota DFL establishment heels; such an outcome would be joyous to the Clinton faction, but very, very, very bad for faith and trust within DFL rank and file caucus attendees. It should not happen in a moral world, but this is political, where money talks, etc. If it happens, the DFL will suffer very much down ballot. Sanders support is based on the anger the political status quo entails, and people might stay home if angry, some even crossing over if a Trump insurgency prevails while, hypothetically, the Sanders insurgency gets flummoxed by DFL inner party intrigue. I know I'd consider it, given the Clinton aura as it is. I doubt I would be alone.

__________FURTHER UPDATE____________
If the Sanders insurrectionist mood is hampered or trampled by inner party elitist will, the Nolan CD8 seat is at risk as is the Angie Craig effort in CD2. DFLer inner party folks, put that in your pipe and smoke it. The entire down ticket stance is in peril, at risk, on the line, however you care to phrase it; don't piss us off. Be fair. If national delegate nose counts sidetrack Bernie, fairly, it will be as it is.

__________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Also, beltway boffos, please feel the rain. Back home. It does not only rain on cororate constituencies. People may want little beyond ability to read and trust a label.

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Fucked is right..Fucked in the head! .He is a fucking Communist!