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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Black wives matter. WELL, among our GOP high office-seeking friends, ALL wives matter.

Middle school food fight; websearch: here and here.

2016 shall go down in history as the pre-primary National Enquirer Presidential Candidacy Year.

It is tiring. It obscures the fact that there's not a whit of difference between Trump and Cruz, both are outlandish, opportunistic Senator Jack S. Phogbound - pure Dogpatch caricatures; and in the process of their being so MSM is eating it up and spooning it out with coverage while Bernie's rectitude, sincerity and quality, (and in particular his not taking tainted Wall Street or lobbyist money); all that gets overgrown with weeds with crabgrass and other weeds.

Cause to enter the wife-insult fray, repeating what's been said before:

Marcus Bachmann's wife is pure unhinged crazy. And proud of it.

Wearing it like a flag.

Of course, however, confining her unhinged crazy current nature to her ever so discretely publishing opinion on current events in a fitting right of center outlet, source of the image at left.

How do you like that bottom caption; with the Republicans doing their present Trump-Cruz dueling banjo bit, there is chutzpah to saying, "A ONCE GREAT POLITICAL PARTY HAS MORPHED INTO MADNESS," about the other party, and not about Lincoln's troubled legacy children and their present wife-centric food fight? Might they simply settle it all now, not at their convention, but in a Burr-Hamilton manner and be done with their really sick theater act even before their peers convene?

Or is that expecting too much? Kasich is as bad, politically, but is sensibly staying out of the line of fire.

UPDATE: Larry agrees with Michele; stylistically distinctive but equally unhinged. How large of a segment of the people does that stuff inspire? Less than Romney's 47% number, at a guess. 5%? 10%? What?

FURTHER: Cruz can hate monger with the best of them. So?

Advice to Obama, and possibly good from Obama to the main actors in the Ted-Heidi dust up, turn the other cheek.

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