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Sunday, March 06, 2016

My god; some do have stripes.

Draz, this Strib link, mid-item

Wikipedia image, note tail
For many Minnesota Republicans, their worries go further. They worry about a Trump-run White House.

“Many of us fear, what will he do then?” said Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, who backs Cruz. “I mean he is basically a political chameleon who is very willing and able to change his stripes in order to accomplish his goals.”

Tell me readers; why is Draz favoring Cruz not a surprise? What is a surprise, Draz holds himself out as knowing what Trump's goals are. Unrequited Hubris? Trump so far has told nobody his goals. Vagueness is the Trump calling card. Who is Draz channeling? What does Draz know? If anything?

Where is Freedom Club on the "Trump question?" You remember that west metro elitist arm of Cummins et al.; those who slung mud against Abeler in our SD35 recent special election? At a guess, agreeing with like-minded GOP elitist thought-leaders (per the Strib item):

Annette Meeks, a longtime Republican operative who ran for lieutenant governor in 2010, can’t stand Trump. She thinks he would make it hard for her party to hold onto Kline’s largely suburban Second Congressional District. A handful of Republicans still hold state House and Senate seats in suburban areas that have trended toward the DFL in recent years.

“He’s a big drag in suburban, affluent districts,” said Meeks, who leads the conservative Freedom Foundation of Minnesota. But she believes it’s possible that he could help GOP candidates in some rural and economically depressed areas.

That "knows best" attitude bleeds the aura of those hob-nobbing in the Summer Dinner and the Why Freedom Club video productions. One might wonder, does the Meeks family own dressage horses? Have they sufficient disdain for the 47%?

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