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Friday, March 11, 2016

WaPo writes of a recent Sanders - Clinton debate after Michigan's vote.

This link. Unfavorable to Clinton, neutral and less focused on Sanders. Did not watch it, cannot say. At end of item WaPo links here, to a "full transcript." Professional punditry is not without fault; remember that.

Last, after ending that summary/editorial view with the full transcript link, the WaPo thing went hither and yon in ways readers may wish to follow (although I saw little cause to do so).

An appearance readers may dispute, the Republican debates attract more attention and Trump-mania, while on the Dem side most people who care already have viewpoints about the relative appeal of Clinton vs Sanders, and the relative desirability of one or the other to be party general election candidate and/or President. (Clearly here at Crabgrass the concept of a President Sanders is viewed as more appropriate and less conflicted; something that has not been unclear yet such disclosure is appropriate. Opinions differ.)

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