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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Flaherty appears to have gained liquidity by selling the Flaherty thing in Ramsey Town Center

Ugly as ever. But now sold. Flaherty is out with a tidy profit. The City has been paid off and Ben Dover smiles. The free parking space subsidy continues. Still as ugly as ever.

ABC Newspapers, a real news outlet, reports details online: here (source of the above image).

From that item, closing paragraphs:

“This sounds like it’s a real win for the city that we have the developed apartment complex. It’s up and running and now the city is getting all of its money re-paid,” Council Member Chris Riley said.

Riley asked Bray: “Is there any downside? Is this exposing the city to any more risk than it had already agreed to several years ago?”

“No. There’s no risk. Getting repaid the $7.4 million … during this project, that was what was the risk. With the repayment of those funds, that risk is basically eliminated,” Bray responded.

Yes, Chris, there is a downside.

The thing is

an eyesore,

and it keeps Ben Dover in the shadow, unable to work on his tan when the winter sun takes a southern angle.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________

This link.
It speaks for itself.

Actually, don't begrudge Flaherty making money and being successful at what he does. Only, all that Flaherty low-rise stuff looks alike and equally unappealing; with his tower projects in Indianapolis and in Cincinnati being exceptions. Clean, proportioned designs. It is not as if he can't ...

One hopes both towers succeed, giving the man and his firm positive reinforcement.

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