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Friday, May 22, 2015

Brian Lambert posts at MinnPost about the Watchdog's sidekick, and the shame the Republican fundies on the Anoka County Board brought upon themselves. Also, the comments to Lambert's item tell the disconcerting truth, as best as I understand things..

This link.

My guess, long term, the Watchdog is peeing on his paw by gaming this hummer upon the public.

And if the effort to torpedo the independent and credible ECM Publishing papers succeeds, you will be weeping too. Once YOU understand.

UPDATE: This link, if you want a Republican flak to hire. Here, too.

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Wes Volkenant said...

We're continuing to comment about the choice of The Record in the comments section of this excellent MinnPost article, Eric.

I took time to look up the policy on lowest bidders for County contracts. I have tried to make a case that choosing The Record was not reasonable, as their bid wasn't based on "even terms." There was no way 'real newspapers' could be competitive with a 'newsletter/web site.'