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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

RAMSEY -- Today, city hall, 5:30 pm, work session, agenda link; commentary.

Agenda, online here.

p.49, a signature page, signed All Fools Day, 2011, by Heidi Nelson, then HRA staff liaison, and the then HRA chair. The signatures are all affected, so at a guess that was Colin McGlone, but the signature tells nothing that way. Signed one day before All Fools Day, and tendered, by ------ Darren Lazan.

This link. Also, here. Read the agenda for more context, Darren/Landform related, and see how there seems good reason for the City to sit tight and not contract with CBRE until July 1, 2014.

And -- there is TIF smoke and mirrors on the agenda too. Ehlers, still presenting stuff in obscure form and detail. Otherwise known as: continuity.

An interesting statistic, p.13 of the agenda (pdf document form as above linked), Flaherty's rented 87 units of the big ugly, out of 230, at this point in time. More than I had expected, less than I had hoped for, given that the city [i.e., taxpayers] invested in banking the thing, via the former council wearing their HRA hats, despite good sense suggesting not doing so. It has been done, so hope for the best. Ben is hoping that way.

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