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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From the other side of the Hudson. Beginnings of the thousand cuts. Likely the last Crabgrass post on Chris Christie.

Bloomberg, a quite unflattering photo, and this opening:

Two months ago, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was certain to win a second term without help from aisle-jumping Democrats or $25 million in federal storm aid for tourism commercials that starred him and his family.

His strategy leading to Nov. 5 was to crush the record 40-point margin of victory achieved by his Republican mentor, Thomas H. Kean, in the 1985 gubernatorial race. It would mean bragging rights should Christie run for president in 2016.

“I’m happy to admit that I was trying to run up the score, absolutely,” Christie, 51, told reporters Jan. 9 of his 22-point win. “That’s what you do in a political campaign: try to get as many supporters, endorsers that turn into voters. That’s part of your job.”

I watch little TV, but I imagine Jay Leno's and Saturday Night Live's writers may already be at it, and likely to continue. Two CNBC links, here and here., here and here. And bylined yesterday, same source, opening "ouch" paragraph:

Time for some political problems for Chris Christie.

An AP feed, BBC here, Christian Science Monitor's Washington editor, here, headlines:

Are Chris Christie's problems getting worse? (+video)

Chris Christie faces a widening probe involving more close aides, more questions, and more scandals. And it's not just the press and New Jersey lawmakers in the investigation, it's also the feds.

A google = "Regina Egea".

New Jersey coverage, here and here; another google. And another.

Getting to the death rattles? Or a Phoenix will arise from ashes? Whatever, last Chris Christie post, at Crabgrass unless/until he makes it to the GOP presidential nomination convention strongly. Or unless there is something too definitive or newsworthy to not note briefly.

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