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Monday, January 20, 2014

Interesting items. No suggestion of what to conclude, or whether there is any crystal ball forecast in them.

Here, here and here. A good story is in how it is structured when being told. It does not have to be truthfully good as much as told well. Homer may have made those stories up, the detail, even with the Trojan War as fact, with Troy believed to have been found by archeologists.

There will be the 2014 off year elections, before 2016 and the next presidential contest. Marco Rubio? Rand? Chris Christie surviving to a nomination? A new face, a governor somewhere?

One thing certain on the GOP side. No Palin on anyone's second spot. Even with those three being younger than McCain was, with greater survival prospects. With staying where he is at, McCain has shown an eight year survival likely, but back then, and Palin - whew!

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