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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Q. When is a bridge not a bridge? A. When Chris Christie ______________________. (you supply the punch line). ALSO: Failed email attempt to check facts.

For those unaware of the thrust of the headline; CNN publishes an email thread, this link, where background for it exists, MSNBC here and here, Strib carrying an AP feed here.

Presume for a moment the implausible deniability of the thing actually is true, i.e., Christie was unaware what his staff apparently was up to, right under his nose, and damn all consequences to the New Jersey public. What does that say of his capability to lead? Nixon claimed lack of knowledge of the break-in and that played out badly.

Bottom line: Either he knew and was integral to implementation of the political retribution caper, one that weighed on the citizens of the state he was elected to govern wisely, or the Governor suffers from a multiple personality disorder affecting his staff management credibility and his will to govern:

Wholly apart from this still-breaking story; a triad of Humpty Dumpty images; here, here and here. (Boy, Google does attach lots of tracking stuff to an image link ...)


CNN's posting, (the pdf version of the email thread that has engendered press questioning), gives email account names. I wonder, so I ask. You might expect to do the same, but please, forget it. It appears the key stffer's Yahoo account no longer exists:

[photo credit - a Japanese temple carved wood ornamentation image posted online by an MIT professor - something he photographed during travel - Bertsekas homepage for those interested]

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