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Sunday, July 21, 2013

What are these arrogant creeps doing? Competing against themselves in a more desirable location in the Twin Cities when they still owe Ramsey millions of dollars advanced them in good faith? Is there no limit? Or am I wrong, and it is not an egregious insult to every Ramsey taxpayer hoping that they pay us back?

Tell me it doesn't suck, and then try to explain why.

This link, and here in detail. Screen captures are posted, in case site scrubbing might happen.

click the thumbnails and have a look

The FC press release is dated March 26, 2013, yet until now it went under my radar. Yours too, I bet.

Hat tip to the watchful eyes of a Ramsey citizen, for giving me a heads-up.

Comments, pro and con, are welcome.

And yo, new city attorney, or Bray; is this a breach of some contract covenant where the amount Ramsey has at risk becomes due and owing in full? Probably not, given Lazan and Cronk having their heads together at contract time, and too many on past councils paying inadequate attention to such a likelihood becoming a reality.

A much more desirable neighborhood, and I bet it's also planned to fly via another Flaherty special; a money-free shell LLC, as in Ramsey with a government subsidy handout expected to boot. Bless Flaherty. Bless Collins. Bless Ryan Cronk.

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