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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Amash amendment narrowly failed. Most reporting fails to give detailed nose count. If you treasure civil liberties and privacy, know who your friends and enemies were in voting.

You can easily track down generic online reporting, e.g., strib, here. An AP feed, but what else did you expect?

Naked Capitalism, here. Common Dreams, here. Kos, here, with the approach of who's to be listed on their list being informative of activist Dem discontent with our sad status quo. Yahoo News, with an appropriate first three item lead billing in its photo gallery. Guardian.

HOWEVER: The devil is in the details. So, for the nose count in detail, here. Check Kline. Check Bachmann. Check the Third District idiot. Who do they serve, if not you and your privacy? Minnesota's DFL reps as a bunch did okay.

Boehner and Pelosi having their heads together. Leadership in line with Bush/Obama pro-spying 1984ishness. (The successful Fridley businessman has not barked over the issue, but where do you expect he'd be?)

The Wikipedia page on Amash, here.

Dem and GOP entrenched interests prevailed against Liberty Republicans and civil rights liberals.

Have you had enough of same-old, or do you want more?

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