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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Joe Mauer, serene bicycle rides, cute lovable puppies. What's not to like about subsidizing Flaherty?

This link. So compelling, City of Ramsey should have given away more money. Never mind security, as second-fiddle behind a multi-million dollar bank loan. Isn't a lovable puppy, Joe, trim young people exercising, and bicycle dreamland security enough? And those attractive restaurant food arrangements ... Who would criticize? Who would second guess?

I can see Colin and Emily bicycling together into the sunset. And, wow. Those fancy dishes, those trim exercise junkies, slugging Joe.

Couldn't City of Ramsey have lent the profit-chasing subsidy-takers even more? Where was that last council's sense of proportion?

But wait. There's more. Did I say puppies, baseball, bicycles, and attractive food pics? If you want puppies (and baseball, Earth Day, Mothers Day and film fests) -

For all that, and more, you will have to link and see their Hucksterbook page, here. Your tax dollars stand at risk the loan subsidy will not be repaid, so have a look. See it, treasure it.

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