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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rhonda is running. You can tell by the incisive quality of one of her most recent public quotes.

In Anoka County's visions and revisions re the wheelage tax, this reported:

Board Chairwoman Rhonda Sivarajah said the county will keep transportation spending a priority despite the potential loss of revenue.

"We typically spend $8 million a year on maintenance, and that will absolutely continue," she said.

That one should be added to anyone's rewrite of Kennedy's Profiles in Courage. Where's the Grover Norquist shrink-the-beast Krinkie on this question? Anti-tax, hence anti-roads? Fence straddle time? Emmer too?

The tax is gone. PiPress reports who voted how. It is great to see the Republicans being a pack of Grover Norquist imitators. They can save taxpayers even more by turning down their salaries.

Would turning down the salaries pass, 5-2? What are the odds on that?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the cast of clowns you refuse to criticize in the Ramsey council should refuse their salaries. Nah, they are going on a spending binge unseen since most of them were in various city commissions and the council previously.