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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rhonda Sivarajah, head and shoulders above the others, because she leads with her mind, not her mouth.

While the Sivarahah campaign website is presently an empty vessel needing content; she is not Tom Emmer, nor a Taxpayer League front man for the successful busisnessman in Fridley.

Sivarajah actually has experience with day-to-day governing. While not in the party I grudgingly favor, the DFL (despite Dayton's lust for Wilfare), she is far and away the least egregious GOP wannabe among those who so far have tossed a hat in the ring. If CD6 demographics virtually dictate we are to remain stuck with a Republican representing us in Congress, compare her to this pandering stint of Mr. E.

And (I believe) there's no drunk driving skeleton rattling away in her closet.

The caveat now being the other GOP'ers so far running set the bar so low that the "head and shoulders above the others" headlining remains faint praise. Yet I would not choke to death if crossing over to the GOP primary ballot side to emphatically vote against the likes of Emmer - Krinkie co-mediocrity; i.e., against the Mouths That Roar.

So, where is the "Liberty" wing's candidate? They seem unrepresented so far.

And, who, so far, among our Republican friends has stepped up to run for the Abeler seat that Jim's vacating; from the Tea Party wing, the Christian Soldiers wing, the Liberty wing, or the "moderate Republicans" (an oxymoron these days - but where Abeler and Sivarajah now would be so classified, given present dynamics where Arne Carlson is called "RINO" by his own folks)?

With so many wings it's little wonder the turkey cannot competently fly.

I need help here. Readers, why does this Mad Max image remind me of the Krinkie candidacy? FURTHER UPDATE: This link.

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