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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Paul Levy writes for Strib about Andy Westerberg.

I recall from the League of Women Voters candidate forum how Westerberg and his opponent each tried to be the bigger badder conservative of the two, and it appalled me. Neither would have gotten my vote if that were my district. Zippo of a choice.

This, from the middle of Levy's item, online here:

He said he doesn't know whether or when he'll again run for office. He feels as if he's "been fired."

"For what reason?" he asks. "What did I do wrong?"

Westerberg was author of the House bill in 2006 that attempted to bring a new Vikings stadium to Blaine. With the Twins and University of Minnesota football team getting stadiums that legislative session, it wasn't the Vikings' time.

Not only not Zygi's time, that intended cramdown fiasco was not the voters' time either.

Westerberg did not deign to offer voters a referendum on the foolishness, and, hopefully, his loss to the nearly-a-clone woman who opposed him was in part a referendum on Westerberg, for his disdainful denying voters their referendum on the super-dumb stadium thing where Zygi just strung the rubes along.

Hopefully this is the end of Westerberg's career in politics.

Voters deserve referenda on things like that intended stadium cramdown. It stunk then, and the memory of it now is the memory of the stench. So long, Andy.

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